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Creating products is our passion. We build and launch internal products that revolutionize the digital sphere.

Agency Partner

Digital agencies partner with us to build clients websites, web applications and mobile applications.

Venture Studio

Entrepreneurs team up with PointStart to transform their dream into a product that changes the world.

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Launching 2015


Launching 2015

the team

Zac Rosenbauer Image

Zac Rosenbauer


Our big idea guy. He is always jumping from idea to idea, sometimes to the point where the team has to pull him down out of the clouds. When he’s not at work he’s playing Civ V with his buddies or watching FC Bayern dominate on the pitch.

Darrell Pappa Image

Darrell Pappa

Lead Systems Architect

Servers and Security are Darrell’s forte. He spends his days either in our cloud or making sure our security is up to his insane standards. When he is not at work he’s listens to hype machine while drinking dark fermented beverages.

Nick S. Image

Nick S.

Lead Developer

Nick is the go to guy for anything development. From Client-side to Server-side, Nick works his magic to build magnificent applications. When he’s not on skype with Zac he’s usually keeping his cat from eating his computer’s microphone.

Danny Woodcock Image

Danny Woodcock

Director of Business Development

Danny enjoys long walks on beach, sunsets, and caramel macchiatos. When he’s not rewriting his eharmony account summary he is out pounding the pavement and meeting with our awesome clients, business partners and interesting folk.

Aaron Birney Image

Aaron Birney

Director of Marketing

A.A.ron is our #1 draft pick when it comes to marketing (not basketball). He loves deep diving into the data and also helping out our financial team. When he’s not in the office, he can be found at the rec where he is known as Ball Handles.

Seth Rosenbauer Image

Seth Rosenbauer

Director of Operations

Seth’s main job is to keep Zac from driving everyone insane and to sip coffee and talk about how great it is to be from the Ivy League. When he’s not keeping the company organized he enjoys reading weird books his Ivy League friends told him about.

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